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Monday, March 23, 2009

Women love recipes and to know more about other people!

So how do recipes and knowing about other people relate to each other?

And how does all this relate to handwriting analysis?

Because they are brought together in a unique, fun way in Treats 'n Traits: Delcious Recipes to fit your Personality!

Can't think of what to give a friend for a hostess gift, for a birthday or other occasion? How about Treats 'n Traits?

It shows the reader how to indentify 15 Personality traits from writing.

And then it gives one delicious, original recipe written especially to suit that personality.

Try "Far East Fantasy Salad" for the person who's writing shows them to be a Dreamer.

Or "Really Cool Coco/Pine Pie" for someone who is always Cool, Calm and Collected.

It's great fun.

You learn something neat, and you have this great selection of yummy recipes to boot.

Try a free taste of Treats 'n Traits here...

And then go back here to get the rest!


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