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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let me tell you about Treats 'n Traits

I thought I'd put an entry in my blog today that offers you a free taste (literally) of my new book "T 'n T: Treats 'n Traits".

The free tasts consists of information on how to analyze one trait from handwriting, and the recipe for a totally delicious treats that suits this personality.

"You can check it out here

I wrote Treats 'n Traits in collaboration with Barbara Lawrence. Barbara is the author of various cookbooks, and for many years wrote cooking columns in several Californian newspapers and magazines.

Barbara and I came together through her interest in handwriting analysis.

I mentioned to her that I'd had an idea for a book that gave recipes according to personality: that involved analyzing writing then choosing the appropriate recipe. However, since my idea of haute cuisine is a lightly boiled egg (a challenge for me as it usually comes out rock solid), the book had so far not happened.

From there Treats 'n Traits was born.

It's fun, educational and the recipes are delicious!

A unique mix, it's a great gift to yourself (and why not, you deserve a gift!), or a great gift for anyone either interested in people or food.

Who does that leave out? Not many!

At the moment, we are offering it at an introductory price, so take advantage of it while it lasts.

Again, to get you started here is a "free taste" - a pdf of one personality trait analysis and the matching recipe "Never-too-late Butter Bars". (Can you guess what the personality trait is?)

T'nT: Treats 'n Traits can be found at


  1. Great post on journaling, Carrie. I have only tried this after completing my book, usually for character blog posts. Most times my books evolve from an idea or story question, and the characters evolve from that...except with Renner. He was Trey's partner in Journey's End, and I knew as soon as he hit the page that he'd star in his own book.
    Thanks for sharing your method, Carrie. I shall try this. :-)
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