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Monday, February 16, 2009

Handwriting Analysis and Relationship Compatibility

Can handwriting analysis help with relationships?

The answer is a resounding YES!

By seeing the personality displayed in the writng of a couple, you can determine where they will see eye to eye, and where they are more likely to give each other a black eye. In other words, you can tell in where compatibility exists and where it does not.

And that is not to say that if two people are not totally compatible they shouldn't be together.

In analyzing handwriting of couples who have already been together for a long time but are now having problems, it is possible, to make things better just through giving each a better understanding of the other.

A client of mine many years ago, brought along her husband's writing saying that she was fed up with him always bossing her around.

Upon looking at her writing and his, I found that while the wife was very independent and confident although not bossy, the husband was not bossy either, an in fact lacked self esteem.

Upon discussing this I suggested that realizing he was feeling small beside her, if she encouraged his opinion, and generally made an effort to show him he was appreciated, then perhaps he would not try to boss her around as a means to proving himself equal to her.

After trying this for a few weeks, the wife sent me a lovely email saying how it worked like a charm, and things were now going very well between the couple.

This is just one example. Handwriting analysis can be a great help in relationships, romantic, familial or friendships. Understanding is the universal key to all relationships, and handwriting analysis gives that understanding.

So if there is a relationship problem in your life, or if you just want to understand better what makes others tick, consider using the tool or graphology..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why do I use Handwriting Analysis?

Why do I use Handwriting Analysis?

Well, a friend tells me it's because I'm nosey!!

But really, it's because I am totally fascinated with what makes people tick. And there is no better single tool to tell you this than Handwriting Analysis.

Once you have a basic understanding of graphology, you can find out all about the writer. You can go into their writing in detail and find out everything there is to know. Or you can look for specific things, specific personality traits.

Everything affects everything else in personality. No trait is an island. However, you can identify specific traits and consider what else to look for from what you find in the first one.

Is this person honest? You can tell at a glance. Though why they are dishonest, or how openly this honesty would be expressed etc, would involve looking at other traits.

Is this person creative and imaginative? This is another once-glance item. However, there is much more to find out once you have that information before you know how useful their creativity and imagination might be in what ever situation you were considering.

I can't help but identify things about people every time I look at handwriting. It's like having the abiity to look inside the individual and find out what might take months, or even years to discover otherwise.

To me, studying and using handwriting analysis has been a gift. I can't imagine my life without it. It has helped me understand myself so very much better. It has helped me understand everyone else better too, from family members, to friends, to clients.

If you find this science appealing to you, I encourage you to pursue it. I know you'll be glad you did.

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